General Information

With over 100 boys and girls, Pack 55 is a large and active pack.

Our neighborhoods:
Most participants in Pack 55 come from neighborhoods on the near west side of Houston, inside of Loop 610.  Some participants come from other parts of the city.  As described below, the boys and girls in Pack 55 come from a wide range of religious, economic and ethnic backgrounds.

Girls in Cub Scouting:
Beginning in Sep 2018, BSA's new rules allow girls to participate in the Cub Scout program.  Dens are either all boys or all girls, and those dens meet separately.  At the monthly Pack Meetings, all dens, both boys and girls, meet together.  At campouts, all dens attend but the boy dens and the girl dens camp and cook in separate areas.

How we are organized:
The boys and girls are organized into 14 to 18 dens based upon age.  Each dens typically has 8 to 14 youth participants.

Pack 55 usually has two or three dens for boys in each school grade (1st to 5th) and one den for girls in each school grade.  Many of the boys and girls attend St. John's School, River Oaks Baptist School, Annunciation Orthodox School, West University Elementary, or River Oaks Elementary.  Many of the cub dens consist primarily of boys from a specific school, but at least one den for each grade level is composed of boys from a mixture of schools.  The girl dens are composed of a mixture of schools.

Our sponsoring organization:
Pack 55 is sponsored by St. John the Divine, an Episcopal church located at the corner of Westheimer and River Oaks Blvd in Houston.  The church also sponsors Troop 55 (for boys), Troop 54 (for girls) and Crew 55 (boys & girls).  The church provides meeting rooms, but the four Scouting units are financially self-supporting.

Diverse membership:
Pack 55 is open to membership from all religious backgrounds.  While many participants are also members of the sponsoring church, a clear majority of the participants are not members of St. John the Divine.  In addition to Protestants, Pack 55 has significant participation from Catholic and Jewish families, and, to a lesser extent, participation from other religious groups.  The members of Pack 55 also come from a broad range of economic and ethnic backgrounds.

Family participation:
The Cub Scout program at Pack 55 is family-based.  Parents participate in den meetings, in-town activities and camping trips.  For campouts and some of the other activities, siblings are also encourages to participate.  Parents can serve as den leaders or leadership roles within the pack.  Adult leaders are strongly encouraged to take the appropriate BSA training courses.

Additional info:
For a description of the annual program of den meetings, pack meetings, and campouts, please click on "Activities - overview" in the index.

If you are interested in joining or have questions, contact the Cubmaster or the Committee Chair (see "Contact Info" in the index).  You can also contact the Registrar or click on "Registration" in the index.