Pack 55 Leaders for 2014-15

Cubmasters Jeff Phillips
Tammy Caldwell
832-971-6164 (c)
832-294-1117 (c)
Committee Chair Ken Moursund 713-819-5275 (c)
Registrar Bert Adkins 713-385-3383
Treasurer Debbi Gadin 713-444-6582 (c)
Awards Chair Robin Rice 713-667-8328 (h)
Campmaster Michael Ganchan 281-705-6476 (c)
Pack Trainer Tammy Caldwell 832-294-1117 (c)
Howl Editor (open) n.a.
Popcorn Sales Coordinator
   aka "Popcorn Kernel"
Anita Bryant 713-521-7266 (h)
Friends of Scouting
Don Callender 713-306-7587 (c)
Scout Fair Ticket Sales (open) n.a.
Pinewood Derby
Chris Bryant 713-521-7266 (h)
Blue & Gold Banquet Jenny Johnson 713-882-3636 (c)
Pack Chaplain Mike Winstone n.a.
Pack Secretary &
   Info Coordinator
Bert Adkins 713-385-3383
Webmaster James Cauble 713-664-7801 (h)


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Administration of the Pack, or monthly committee meetings Contact the Pack Committee Chair
Registration or re-registration (boys & adults) Contact the Registrar
Receiving badges, pins & other awards Contact the Awards Chair
Reimbursement of expenses, money issues Contact the Treasurer
Camping program Contact the Campmster
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