Upcoming Events:

Meeting of the Pack Committee - Thu, Oct 8, 6:30p-7:30p
Held in the Room 210 at SJD.
Each den is requested to have at least
one adult representatives present.

Webelos Woods - Sat-Sun, Oct 10-11
For 1st & 2nd year Webelos.
Held at Camp Brosig.
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Pack Meeting - Thu, Oct 15
Held in Scout Room at SJD.
Cub Scouts should wear their
uniforms and arrive by 6:45p.

Fall Campout - Fri-Sun, Nov 13-15
Camp Karankawa, near Sweeny, TX
Click here for directions and other info.

Cub Leader Pow Wow - Sat., Nov 14, 8:00a-3:00p
This training event has a wide range
of courses for Cub leaders & parents.
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Frequently Asked
This document answers many of the questions that families ask about
    Pack 55, camping, advancement and about Cub Scouting in general.
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