Pinewood Derby

Date: Saturday, January 28, 2017
Location: In Sumners Hall and the gym at St John the Divine Church.
Rules: See link at bottom of this page.
On-site check-in: Check-in and inspection will be REQUIRED before race day.
Racers are required to bring their cars to Sumners Hall at SJD for check-in at either:
   January 25 (Wednesday) between 7:00p and 9:00p
   January 26 (Thursday) between 4:00p and 9:00p
Cars must pass all inspections and will be assigned a racing number at that time.
After check-in, cars will not be available to racers until race day.
Pre-race briefings
  on race day:
7:30a - doors open
8:00a - Webelos
8:30a - Bears
9:30a - Wolves
10:00a - Tigers
Racing: Races commence at 8:30a or as soon as cars are ready.
   8:30a to 10:00a - Webelos
   9:00a to 10:30a - Bears
   10:00a to 11:30a - Wolves
   10:30a to 12:30p - Tigers
All races should conclude by 12:30p.
Pack Championship will be held at the Pack Meeting on March 23, 2017.
Crash Derby: Crash derby fun runs begin at 9:00a.
Pack Crash Derby will be held at the Pack Meeting on March 23, 2017.
Design contest: Judging will be done before racing while cars are displayed
   in the paddock.
Awards: Trophies & other awards will be presented at the conclusion
   of each group's racing.
  needed at:
1.  Set-up on Friday evening - 6:30p-10:30p
2.  Race day final set-up - 6:30a-7:30a
3.  Take-down and move-out - Noon-1:30p
For more
Contact Chris Bryant, the 2017 Derby Chair, at 832-977-7824 (c)


Click to download the rules for the races and competitions on January 28, 2017.
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