Training Knots

Each registered adult leader can earn "training knots" that are worn over the left pocket of the uniform.  The knots are based on the leader's position within Pack 55, and completion of the training courses is the first step.  Each knot requires specific training, tenure (1 or 2 yrs) and leadership activities.  In Pack 55, the Pack Committee Chair is the initial person responsible to approve the application card for each knot.  After the Pack Committee Chair signs the application for the award, the form is submitted to representatives of the Golden Arrow District for additional approvals and the eventual awarding of the training knot by the Sam Houston Area Council.

The Golden Arrow District's website has a description of these training knots, including procedures for obtaining the knots and guidelines for placing the knots on the uniform.  The GAD website also has links to other websites that list the requirements for each training knot.  Click here to go to knot section of the GAD website.

The most common training knots that leaders of Pack 55 can earn are shown below.  There are additional training knots that an adult can earn as a leader of a scout troop or at the District or Council level.

Tiger Leader knot Tiger Den Leader knot
Den Leader knot Den Leader knot
Webelos Den Leader knot Webelos Den Leader knot
Cub Scouter knot Cub Scouter knot
Cubmaster knot Cubmaster knot