All registered adult leaders in Pack 55 are required to complete the following four training courses:

"Fast Start" Training  -  This is an on-line training course that takes about 30 min. Link to BSA training site
"This Is Scouting"  -  This is an on-line video presentation that takes about 1 hr. Link to BSA training site
"Cub Leader Specific Training"  -  This course is approximately 3 to 4 hrs in length.
      It starts with a general session that is common to all Cub leader positions,
      and then has breakout session for the following leadership positions:
               Tiger Den Leader Specific
               Cub Den Leader Specific
               Webelos Den Leader Specific
               Cubmaster Specific
               Pack Committee Specific
      This course is offered at Cub Leader Pow Wow in Nov, University of Scouting
      in Feb, and at various times by the training team for the Twin Bayou District.
Link to course at SHAC website
"Youth Protection Training"  -  This is an on-line training course that takes about
      55-60 min.
Link to BSA training site
"Basic Adult Leader Outdoor Orientation" (BALOO) by at least one adult leader is required to hold a Pack campout or other outdoor event.  It is best if each Campmaster holds this training.  Pack 55 encourages every Den Leader to take this training course.  The course has an online component plus a one-day session with an overnight campout.  Among other topics, this course covers how to plan an outdoor event and weekend campout as well the rules, guidelines, and safety considerations for "family camping" organized by the Pack and/or Webelow Den.  Adult leaders will gain great ideas for impactful campfire ceremonies, fun hikes, outdoor experiences and large group games. Link to course at SHAC website
Webelos leaders and others involved in the camping program are encouraged to also complete "Introduction to Outdoor Leader Skills".  This course has an in-town session, followed by a weekend campout.  This course is required for future Scoutmasters and Assistant Scoutmasters.
  Link to course at TBD website
The SHAC and TBD also provide other training sessions as explained on their websites.   Link to the training overview
at TBD's website



Cub Scouter knot Den Leader knot Cubmaster Key knot
For information about the "training knots" for the Cub Scouting program, click HERE.